Your sleeping place always with you:

  • Camping vacation: first sea line on the campsite and enjoy the view from the roof tent.
  • Short trips: A weekend to the sea, the mountains or the lake.
  • Road trips: Explore new countries and sleep here today and there tomorrow. In between, spend a night in a hotel and move on. For a road trip, the roof tent is ideal.
  • Visit with friends: A nice barbecue at friends and stay right on the spot when it gets late.
  • Festivals: No matter for which festival, the roof tent stays clean at every festival and is a real eye-catcher.
  • In everyday life: A night on the local mountain or at the lake around the corner. Enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature. Then back to work with renewed energy.
  • Family celebrations: The uncle in the distance celebrates a party? With the roof tent you have the sleeping place right there.
  • Adventure sports (horseback riding, fishing, water sports, motor sports, cycling, hiking, climbing, etc.): No matter what sport you practice or want to try, the roof tent allows you to sleep right on the spot.


Mini with roof tent and PVC cover
Urbancamping in the sun with small car with roof tent Lazy Tent Lavista