What roof load does the vehicle need?

The roof load of the vehicle is specified by the manufacturer dynamic. A distinction is made between dynamic and static roof load a distinction is made. Dynamic roof load defines the roof load while the vehicle is in motion and static roofload while the car is stationary.

While small cars often have a low dynamic roof load, larger cars average 75 kilos or more.

Where can I find the roof load?

The roof load is not specified in the vehicle registration document, but in the owner's manual. If no information can be found here either, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer of the vehicle.


A panoramic roof tends not to be a problem. It is recommended to check the roof load in the user manual or contact the manufacturer.

(internal combustion engine and electric car)

What is the consumption?

The consumption of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine varies on average between 0.5-1.0 liters. An electric car consumes about 10% more.

Ford Puma in white with roof tent Lazy Tent by LAYZEE
VW up red with roof tent Lazy Tent by LAYZEE
Tesla Model S in red with roof tent Lazy Tent by LAYZEE