A timeless and elegant roof tent

The simple colors, as well as the dark tarpaulin, make the LAYZEE Tent look timeless and elegant. So it looks appealing and high quality on any car.

The LAYZEE Tent is a roof tent for almost any occasion. The simplicity of opening and closing makes it a perfect companion even for spontaneous use. The Roof tent can be mounted easily, quickly and without tools on the roof racks of the car.

The roof load is what counts.

Will a roof tent go on my car?

VW up red with roof tent Lazy Tent by LAYZEE

The roof tent fits almost any car.

Which roof rack do I need?

Easy mounting on the vehicle.

How to attach the roof tent?

Roof tent attachment
Wuring the trip the roof tent can be used for storage space. Blanket, pillow or other equipment can be stowed between the platform and the cover hood. Opening the roof tent is done automatically and in seconds with the help of the gas struts. Remove the cover, release the safety belt and the roof tent is open.

Practical accessories

Sun awning, clothesline, shoe bags, anti-theft device or a wind shield expand the roof tent with practical accessories.

The LAYZEE Tent offers a great panoramic view. All windows and doors can be opened, either with or without mosquito net. 

The spacious door allows to enjoy a breathtaking view from the roof tent. The practical shoe pockets located on the sides ensure a clean interior. The interior pockets allow for additional storage.

Reasons for a roof tent

What are the advantages of traveling with a roof tent?

Lazy Tent easy to open and close

Possible applications

When can I use the LAYZEE TENT roof tent?

VW Passat with roof tent with telecom ladder by Lazy Camping

Video LAYZEE Tent

You want to have the functions explained?

Roof tent Lazy Tent in grey and anthracite with girlfriends relaxing by the sea
With awell thought-out and open concept you experience nature up close and can recharge your batteries.

Your everyday car becomes a mini camper

Experience a flexible way of traveling, whether it's a festival, a visit to friends, a short trip to the sea or a road trip through Europe, the roof tent offers you everywhere a comfortable place to sleep.