A timeless and elegant roof tent

The simple colors, as well as the dark tarpaulin, make the Lazy Tent look timeless and elegant. So it looks appealing and high quality on any car.

The LAYZEE Tent is a roof tent for almost any occasion. The simplicity of opening and closing makes it a perfect companion even for spontaneous use. The Roof tent can be mounted easily, quickly and without tools on the roof racks of the car.

The roof load is what counts.

Will a roof tent go on my car?

VW up red with roof tent Lazy Tent by LAYZEE

The roof tent fits almost any car.

Which roof rack do I need?

Thule SquareBar Evo on car

Easy mounting on the vehicle.

How to attach the roof tent?

Roof tent attachment
Wuring the trip the roof tent can be used for storage space. Blanket, pillow or other equipment can be stowed between the platform and the cover hood. Opening the roof tent is done automatically and in seconds with the help of the gas struts. Remove the cover, release the safety belt and the roof tent is open.

Practical accessories

Sun awning, fitted sheets, anti-theft device or a wind shield expand the roof tent with practical accessories.

The LAYZEE Tent offers a great panoramic view. All windows and doors can be opened, either with or without mosquito net. 

The spacious door allows to enjoy a breathtaking view from the roof tent. The practical shoe pockets located on the sides ensure a clean interior. The interior pockets allow for additional storage.

Reasons for a roof tent

What are the advantages of traveling with a roof tent?

Lazy Tent easy to open and close

Possible applications

When can I use the LAYZEE TENT roof tent?

VW Passat with roof tent with telecom ladder by Lazy Camping

Video Lazy Tent

You want to have the functions explained?

Roof tent Lazy Tent in grey and anthracite with girlfriends relaxing by the sea
With awell thought-out and open concept you experience nature up close and can recharge your batteries.

Your everyday car becomes a mini camper

Experience a flexible way of traveling, whether it's a festival, a visit to friends, a short trip to the sea or a road trip through Europe, the roof tent offers you everywhere a comfortable place to sleep.


Frequently asked questions about the LAYZEE Tent:

The mounting rails can be adjusted to a width of 60cm or 80cm.

The hexagonal bolts are inserted into the fastening rails and then connected to a bracket on the roof rack.

To ensure sufficient space for the mounting brackets of the roof tent, the feet from the roof rack must be at least 80 cm or 60cm.
By feet are meant the fastening systems that connect crossbars and car. For small cars, this should be measured once.

We generally always recommend the Square Bar from Thule. Click here for our video:
Thule roof rack buying guide

The roof racks should be at least 70 cm apart.

Condensation is not pleasant when camping. Especially when you're passing through and want to fold the roof tent up again in the morning, it would be great if the roof tent is dry from the inside.

Why does condensation occur?
Condensation often occurs in cold seasons. The reason for this is the temperature difference between the inside of the tent and the outside temperature. The body gives off heat in the roof tent. When this heat now hits the cool roof tent wall, a gaseous substance changes into a liquid aggregate state. It condenses and becomes wet.

How can you avoid condensation?
Unfortunately, you can't completely avoid condensation, but you can at least reduce it by ensuring good ventilation. Even if it is cold, you should leave the windows diagonally a good third open, so that the rising air can be removed to the outside. With the Lazy Tent roof tent you can also open the huge entrance door a good third from the top. This method will remove the condensation well and reduce it to a possible.

The mesh mattress carpet pad ventilates your roof tent mattress so that no moisture collects under the mattress. Thus, the mesh mattress pad prevents mildew and mold.
The pad is 10mm thick and is made of polyester monofilaments. The 3D mesh structure also supports sleeping comfort. We offer the matching mesh mattress to your roof tent. Washable up to 60°C.

You can store the roof tent upright to save space. Whether in the basement, in the garage or in the carport. It is important that the roof tent is packed dry, so that no mold forms.

The weight of the roof tent must not exceed your maximum roof load. You can find the roof load information for your car in the owner's manual or you can ask your car manufacturer.

The Lazy Tent as is a kit. This has the following reasons:

  • The package reception becomes much easier (you can carry the roof tent e.g. first to the apartment and assemble it at a later time. With an assembled tent, there is often the challenge of storing the tent if it can not be mounted immediately on the vehicle.
  • The roof tent can either remain assembled or be disassembled at the end of the season for space-saving storage during the winter. Not everyone has a garage or storage space for winter storage.
  • Each part is replaceable. The roof tent is therefore sustainable and durable. Should wear parts need to be replaced, each spare part can be replaced independently.
  • And finally, an assembly is also fun. You can do it!

The roof tent can be loaded up to approx. 230kg.

The telescopic ladder can be loaded up to 150kg.

The ladder is needed to get in and out of the roof tent. Theft of the ladder or unwanted visitors in the roof tent are unlikely. We recommend leaving the ladder attached to the roof tent during use.

Wild camping is regulated differently by law in each country. In some countries wild camping is forbidden and can be punished with high fines, but some countries allow wild camping. In Germany wild camping is prohibited. However, with the LAYZEE Tent you can sleep on official parking lots for one night to restore your driving ability. Since the LAYZEE Tent does not leave the vehicle area, the roof tent is counted as sleeping in the vehicle. It is important that no camping equipment, such as tables and chairs, are set up or left standing.

With the roof tent you can stay overnight not only on campsites. Many different alternatives are offered. Various apps provide information about official parking spaces where overnight stays are possible. Private pitches are also offered via apps or websites and can often be booked for little money. Examples would be websites like hinterland.camp or landvergnügen.com.

The waterproofness of fabrics is expressed in water columns. The water column is the water pressure that a fabric can withstand until water penetrates.

LAYZEE Tent is made of two fabrics. The outer fabric is made of polyester Oxford 420d and has a water column of 3000mm. Polyester is often used for tents, because the fabric is lightweight and dries quickly. The inner fabric of the tent is made of polyester-cotton blend with a thickness of 320g and has a 2000mm water column. The fabric feels softer, has a higher breathability and absorbs, due to the cotton, arising moisture better. Because the LAYZEE Tent is mounted on the car roof, the bottom of the tent is not exposed to ground moisture or collecting rain. The roof tent is waterproof.

Due to the installed gas pressure springs, the roof tent held stable. Even with wind up to 40 km/h no difficulties are to be expected. It is recommended that the roof tent sideways into the wind to keep the attack surface as small as possible.

The mattress of the roof tent has a footprint of 120x200cm and is suitable for 2 people.


The mattress from the Lazy Tent is a high quality mattress from the danish manufacturer Outwell. The lying mat is made of foam and has over additional chambers into which air air can flown. Additional air can then be let into the mattress through the valve. the mattress, to adjust the degree of hardness individually. The mattress is placed on the supplied hard foam boards and is 5.5 cm high.

The Roof Tent is shipped with comprehensive digital instructions and a setup video. Each step is listed in a simple and understandable way, so that the assembly is little complicated. The duration of the initial assembly is estimated at about 60min.

We are constantly working to develop new and useful accessories for the tent. Click here to go to the accessories.

The roof tent can be opened easily and quickly by one person.

The roof tent is covered by a PVC cover sprotected. This is put over the closed platform and protects against rain and dirt.

Between the cover and platform can be stowed other equipment, such as the ladder, comforters or pillows.

The roof tent can be closed even when wet. It is recommended that after 2 days at the latest the roof tent to dry.

The outer tent, made of polyester, is additionally protected with a layer of acrylic. When the roof tent several years UV rays for several years, it should be re-impregnated after a few years. For this no a conventional waterproofing spray can be used.

It is recommended to use the roof tent stored dry when not in use for a long period of time.

When the roof tent is mounted on the vehicle, the maximum speed of 130km/h should not be exceeded.

Depending on the vehicle, the intensity of wind noise can vary. In case of extreme wind noise, a wind shield can be mounted as an accessory.