Why buy a roof tent?

With a roof tent you turn the car into a mini camper and are always flexible.

The roof tent has significant advantages over various camping options. We have collected some advantages for you.

Advantages compared to the camper, caravan or campervan:

  • Acquisition: the roof tent is much cheaper to purchase than one of the above options.
  • Maintenance: The roof tent does not need an oil change, TÜV or new tires. You save on maintenance
  • Taxes: There are no taxes due for the roof tent
  • Campsite: Often roof tents are charged cheaper at campsites
  • Space: The roof tent takes up hardly any space and can be stored in the basement, garage or attic
  • Minimalism: You don't need an extra everyday vehicle.
  • Wild camping: With a car you can often get to better places where a caravan or large motorhome cannot go.
  • Parking and city driving: With a vehicle you move more relaxed in a city and find a parking space faster

Advantages compared to the ground tent:

  • Storage space: The roof tent is located on the roof and is not stowed in the car. Also, you can store bedding and pillows in the roof tent while driving and use more storage space in the car.
  • Assembly and disassembly: Assembly and disassembly is quick and uncomplicated
  • Comfort: the mattress provides more comfort than a sleeping pad
  • Humidity and condensation: Due to the height there is less humidity and condensation in the roof tent
  • Substrate: You don't need to look for a suitable substrate, you can also stand on concrete or gravel.
  • Safety: The height gives a feeling of greater safety
  • Stability: roof tents are more stable than many ground tents
  • Enjoy views: The altitude offers great views