Where can I get the tent assembled?

The assembly does not require any special prior knowledge. With the enclosed assembly instructions, the roof tent quickly and easily. It is recommended that the roof tent with at least two people to lift the roof tent on the car roof.

Can I open my trunk with roof tent?

The Roof tent has a length of 218cm (measured at the outer frame). The roof tent should be be mounted on the roof racks with as much protrusion as possible. BFor shorterith shorter vehicles, it may not be possible to open the trunk lid fully. It is recommended to lock the trunk lid to prevent damage to the trunk lid.

Can I assemble the tent alone?

Due to the weight and large surface area, it is recommended that the roof tent to be lifted onto the roof of the vehicle with at least two people.

How to screw the roof tent?

After the roof tent has been placed on the roof racks, the supplied fastening sets are required. These consist of 4 mounting brackets, 8 star screws, 8 locksscrews, 8 washers and 8 spring washers. First, the carriage bolts are pushed into the mounting rails with the bolt head and placed in such a way that 2 carriage bolts are located between the respective support points of the roof girders (4 support points in total). The mounting brackets are then inserted into the carriage bolts and secured with a washer, spring washer and star grip on both sides. sides both sides. The star grips can be tightened by hand without tools so that the fastening bracket achieves tension.

Do I need to check the attachment?

The fastening should be checked regularly.