What actually is LAYZEE?

From our passion for camping and our past in tourism, we are in every free minute "on tour" and enjoy it to break out of the everyday life. But not everyone wants to buy a big van, so we came up with the idea and the mission to develop products that turn the everyday car into a mini camper.

  • our goal: to build a strong and trendy brand.
  • our mission: the everyday car becomes a minicamper.
  • our vision: We make camping a lifestyle!

And who is behind it?

Behind the scenes is a young family business founded in January 2021 by Jill, Chris and Alex.

We are all creative and free-thinking globetrotters, love nature and outdoor sports.

We also enjoy starting new projects and leading them to success, whether professionally or privately.

We are not just dreamers, but doers and can inspire people with the idea of experiencing microadventures and road trips with their own car. The LAYZEE community is growing steadily.



Jill Vinkmann Layzea


Co-founder / Marketing
I wear the marketing hat for us. I diligently provide you with content on social media and take care of our brand presence.

Favorite motto:
"Life is too short for later"

Chris Vinkmann Layzee


Co-founder, Finance, Development
I make sure that our business plan is on track and take care of purchasing and further development of new products.

Favorite motto:
"Life is short, don't carry too much luggage".

Alexander Bocks Layzee


Co-founder, Sales & Events, IT
I am at home in sales and events & trade fairs. You can also often find me behind the computer optimizing our website.

Favorite motto:
"One Step at a Time"