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Roof tents, the freedom on the car

Buy roof tents online. There are numerous manufacturers, opening systems and materials on the market, so it is not easy to find your way around.

With our own roof tent LAYZEE T ent, we offer an aluminum roof tent that can be lifted up and down on the car roof with two people. Stowage is also a breeze with this roof tent. For example, the roof tent can be leaned upright against the garage wall. The fabric is removable.

Which roof tent suits you?
That depends on various factors. Where do you want to use the roof tent? How tall are you? How many people do you want to sleep in the roof tent? Do you want to go wild camping? What kind of car do you drive? etc...
With us you have the right partner to answer these questions. Just contact us directly if you are still undecided.

How heavy can your roof tent be?
This depends on the roof load of your car. Most cars have a roof load of 75 kg. This is enough to mount most roof tents on the car. It is best to check the owner's manual of your car. Important note: The roof load is always given as dynamic roof load. This means that it is the roof load while driving. If you stand with your car, you will have no problem, because here the roof load is much higher. If you have a panoramic roof, you should contact the manufacturer and find out exactly how high the roof load is.

What must be observed during assembly?
You should make sure that the roof tent is positioned centrally on the cross struts of your roof rack. The roof bars should be approx. 70-80 cm apart in order to distribute the weight of the roof tent well. Before mounting the roof tent, it is helpful to consider the complete opening of the boot, because in the best case you also want to be able to open the boot. It is best to take a folding rule and see how you have to position the roof tent on the roof of the car so that you can open the boot.

Short holidays, festivals or outdoor adventures

By our philosophy to be able to transform the everyday car into a mini camper, it was our claim to bring a roof tent for every occasion on the market.

With our LAYZEE Tent you are always ready for a spontaneous adventure.