Kitchen box Layzee Camping with table and pullout

5 reasons for a camping kitchen box

Camping is a wonderful way to connect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is hardly anything more beautiful than sleeping under the open sky and listening to the sounds of nature. But even in the midst of this natural idyll, we don't want to part with certain comforts, especially when it comes to food and catering. This is where the Camping Kitchen Box comes into play! It is like a small mobile kitchen that allows you to prepare tasty meals even in the great outdoors. You don't have to sacrifice the comforts you're used to at home, because with a well-organized kitchen box, you'll have everything you need to cook and eat at your fingertips. So you can enjoy the outdoor experience to the fullest without compromising on your meals.

Why do you need a camping kitchen box?
We have 5 obvious argumentswhy a kitchen box should not be missing during your next camping trip:

1. organization of the camping kitchen

Photos ©raphaelaschiller

A kitchen box helps keep your camping kitchen organized. It offers various compartments and dividers where you can store your cooking utensils, dishes, cutlery and food. This way you have everything in one place and can easily find everything when you need it.

The camping kitchen box by LAYZEE offers you 3 large storage compartments, which can all be filled separately from each other. Furthermore, 2 small compartments for spices, cutlery, odds and ends, etc. and another compartmentbelow the side drawer in which the telescopic legs for the cover table and a cutlery bag can be inserted perfectly. You can hang your dishtowel on the handles and keep your hands dry and clean while cooking. Especially practical is the spice compartment, which you can set up yourself, depending on your spice favorites. No more tedious rummaging and searching, because you are top organized with a mobile kitchen box.

2. flexible work surfaces of the cooking box

The LAYZEE Kitchenbox offers a lot of flexibility, because the mobile camping kitchen can be used in different ways. The lid can be used set up with the magnetic bar. Thus, the lid acts as a windbreak, secured by the wind stopper, and on the magnetic bar you simply attach kitchen equipment or a camping lamp. With a magnetic lamp you can illuminate the work surface of the cooking box in the dark.

Furthermore, the lid has a table function and can be converted into a table or shelf with 2 telescopic legs. On the floor as a picnic version or on the stand for cooking while standing or eating while sitting. After that it is called Tischlein deckel dich and the table becomes a lid again.

This flexibility of the lid of the LAYZEE Kitchenbox is unique. As a table, the lid of the kitchen box offers enough space for a cozy meal with 2 people. In the picnic version with finger food, more people can certainly be catered for.

Photo ©travelcoffeelovers

The mobile camping kitchen can be used not only next to the car, it also has a good position in the open trunk or on the rear extension of a campervan.

3. mobility - mobile kitchen box

Especially practical is the mobility of a cooking box. Due to a light weight and carrying handles, a kitchen box can be used not only on the campsite. Just take it with you on your next hike and enjoy a delicious coffee at the hiker's parking lot after the tour.

Or how about meeting with friends in the park, day at the swimming lake, buggy tour with the family, mulled wine stand on the doorstep, outdoor bar on the balcony, or or or.

4. space saving - everything in one box

The complete kitchen equipment finds space in a mobile aluminum box, so you can use the remaining space flexibly and also stow something on the camping kitchen.

We always recommend going for lightweight and compact camping tableware, as this keeps the weight of the box nice and light and allows for a lot more to be packed in stacked form than putting away grandma's porcelain dishes.

Depending on the vehicle you have the back seat free for the clothes or next to the box space in the trunk, a roof box available or practical window or panniers in the car.

Camping kitchen box from Layzee in the trunk of a station wagon with roof tent.

Photo ©franzjosef_

5. cleanliness

And the best comes at the end. Washing up on the go is easy with a water canister and a foldable rinsing bowl. solve. Please make sure you use biodegradable dishwashing liquid. There is also extra camper outdoor dishwashing liquid.

Since the camping box is mobile, it is simply cleared out after use in the home kitchen, cleaned and put away again. Totally easy! The kitchen box can be stored, for example, in the storeroom, basement or garage and your dishes remain protected and clean.

Cook your own way

Overall, a camping kitchen box can make your camping experience more enjoyable and comfortable. You save space, time and effort organizing your camping box and have everything you need for cooking and eating in one place.

Aluminum cooking box with pullout from Layzee.

Photo ©franzjosef_

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vw t6 multivan with rear kitchen from Layzee and rear extension and roof tent

4 inspiring camper conversions with rear kitchen

You are thinking about how to solve the camping kitchen in your camper, VW Bulli, Mercedes Vito, roof tent camper or other van?

We have now put together 4 different options for using the LAYZEE Kitchenbox as a rear kitchen in the camper:

1. VW T6.1 Multivan Camper with rear extension and LAYZEE Kitchenbox as rear kitchen

Photos ©nicoraue

This chic VW T6.1 Multivan drives as a family camper 2 adults and 1 child through the world. The three sleep in the roof tent on the van, therefore have space to use the middle row of seats with two single seats and the trunk is equipped with a rear extension. This pull-out rear extension provides an enormous area for luggage and the rear kitchen. The LAYZEE Kitchenbox is perfectly integrated here as a kitchen box in the rear and can, through the built-in side pull-out, expand the work surface. The aluminum cooking box stands on the extendable rear pull-out and is thus in practical standing height and directly ready to cook.

By the way, the clever window pockets and the LAYZEE bag for the car seats provide additional storage space with this expansion.

2. box truck extension with small pullout for the cooking box

Campervan with pullout trunk with kitchen Layzee Kitchenbox and dog

A van offers a lot of space for an individual camper extension. But what if you don 't want to install a fixed kitchen ? With the LAYZEE Kitchenbox you can decide for yourself whether you want to cook on the rear extension or whether you prefer to take the kitchen box a few meters away to a lake, a great view or some other special place. For this purpose, a handy stand is available as an accessory to the LAYZEE Kitchenbox, so that you can continue to use the cooking box at standing height.

Photos ©robingrammes & ©doppeltdokussiert

We find this solution particularly inventive. A self-built, matching pullout in the rear of the camper provides space for the anthracite-colored cooking box. As soon as the pull-out is pushed in, the LAYZEE Kitchenbox simply disappears under the bench inside the campervan. Phenomenal! This height also provides a comfortable standing height. Just as well, the lightweight kitchen box can also be used a few meters away from the van.

3. VW T6.1 California Beach with multiflex board, rear extension and kitchen box

You want to use the lower bed in the VW T5 or T6 California Bulli in addition to the folding roof? The VW California has space in the rear for all the kitchen equipment on the rear pull-out. On the photo you see on the rear pull-out a compressor cooler, the LAYZEE Kitchenbox and behind it is still space for a small Eurobox and a water canister. Mega practical! Using the kitchen box as a rear kitchen works quite wonderfully, as in this position the side pullout can also be used as a storage area and the lid as a splash guard to the bed. The cool magnetic bar in the lid of the aluminum kitchen box also offers the possibility to store magnetic kitchen utensils. The LAYZEE Kitchenbox fits on the rear pull-out under the Multiflexboard.

This VW Bulli also uses the great window bags and the LAYZEE Bag for the car seats for further storage.

4. minicamper with roof tent and kitchen box in trunk

Photos ©travelcoffeelovers

These mini campers sleep in the roof tent, also stow the sleeping planks in the roof tent and the clothes are packed on the back seat. This leaves room in the trunk for a kind of rear kitchen in the form of the LAYZEE Kitchenbox. Due to the handy size of the mobile kitchen box, it can even be used in a bit of drizzle or wind with the trunk open.

Now it's your turn...

Now it's up to you to find your own style. We are excited and look forward to your ideas and photo with the LAYZEE Kitchenbox.

A detailed presentation of the LAYZEE Kitchenbox with all features and options, you can find here in this Youtube video.

Layzee mobile aluminum kitchen box with side pullout and magnetic bar

FAQ LAYZEE Kitchenbox as a rear kitchen in the camper

Yes, the kitchen box LAYZEE Kitchenbox has a suitable size for the VW bus and therefore it even fits on the rear extension under the multiflex board of the 3-seater bench seat of the California Beach or Multivan. All other dimensions can be found on the product page of the LAYZEE Kitchenbox.

VW California Beach rear extension and multiflex board with cooking box from Layzee

Yes, the large left compartment can be operated from above with the lid open.
The same applies to the compartment under the side drawer. The side pull-out must be extended for this.
The lower compartment can also be filled from above via the front flap with the pushbutton or via a flap that has been integrated since mid-June 2023.

Advantages of a rear kitchen:

  • Space saving: You can use the entire interior of your camper or car.
  • Standing height: Your cooking box is directly at a comfortable height, so you can start cooking while standing.
  • Individuality: You do not install any fixed parts in the camper and can design your equipment or expansion completely individually.
  • No stench in the interior: Since the trunk is open, the cooking smells leave directly and the interior of your camper does not smell unpleasantly of food.
  • Flexibility: The rear kitchen can be removed from the camper at any time, so you can use the space for other things in everyday life.
  • Mobility: The mobile cooking box does not necessarily have to be used in the rear, but you can also use it as a picnic box, bar table at the festival or barbecue next to the camper.
  • Speed: The kitchen stands with a few simple steps and offers a clever layout for stowing the kitchen equipment.

A kitchen box offers you an extreme amount of flexibility, because you don't have to leave it in the camper all the time. You can use the car in everyday life for other things, but also the LAYZEE Kitchenbox. Due to the light weight of the cooking box, you can also use it wonderfully at the festival, as a picnic box in the park, coffee station at the meeting with friends, outdoor bar at the birthday or as an outdoor kitchen on the balcony. There are no limits to your imagination.

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