Mini caravan with roof tent

A mini caravan with a roof tent is a compact camping option. In contrast to conventional caravans, the mini caravan is smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to maneuver and transport. The mini caravan usually offers basic living facilities such as sleeping areas, a small kitchen and storage space. The roof tent provides additional sleeping space and extends the living space upwards. This combination of mini caravan and roof tent is ideal for travelers looking for a compact yet comfortable camping option. It offers flexibility, mobility and the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors without having to sacrifice the comfort of a caravan.

7even5Camper meets LAYZEE

Nici & Thomas from 7even50 Camper® have been developing and building customized mini caravans for people interested in flexible camping since 2020. The Tiny camping trail ers were previously aimed at singles or couples.

The idea of making 7even50 Camper® suitable for families became stronger and stronger as a result of many requests. How do you achieve that? Of course, with a roof tent on our small caravan! Simply leave the mini caravan with the roof tent on the pitch and explore the area with complete flexibility in your car. No restrictions, just pure freedom!

The LAYZEE Tent is the perfect extension to the 7even50Camper and is not just a real eye-catcher. 2 people can sleep in the roof tent on the comfortable, self-inflating mattress.

Family camping in the smallest of spaces

In summary, a combination of mini caravan and roof tent offers an extension of living space, the roof tent can remain on the trailer all year round and the car always remains ready for excursions.

Are you interested in a small mini caravan? Then take a look here:

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